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Hi! สวัสดี Sawatdee, ka :)


Poppy Dee Kendall here! I love acting and am passionate about nature, art, and music. Here's my bio..


Poppy Dee recently appeared as Little Girl/Time in Everybody by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, at the Goshen College Umble Center. She appeared regionally in the Art4 virtual production of Ragtime as The Little Girl. The production was filmed at The Morris Performing Arts Center. 


Poppy Dee enjoys creating her Everyday Is Earth Day! series on her Youtube channel. Here's her episode about the importance of Up-Cycled fashion. She has been a member of 4H for four years and won first place in the 4H Performing Arts contest for her rendition of Remember Me from Disney's Coco. Poppy Dee recently received an honorable mention at the Hoosier Piano Competition.

Poppy Dee is a student at The Community School of the Arts at Goshen College. She plays the ukulele, violin, and piano. Since the age of three, Poppy Dee has done voiceovers and commercials. She loves being a member of the Goshen Theater Drama Club and a company dancer with Des Dance Studio.


Poppy Dee thanks her family for always supporting her adventures:) @poppydeekendall

RESUME available upon request

Poppy Dee Kendall Ragtime interview.jpg

Poppy Dee Kendall at Morris Performing Arts Center

The making of "Ragtime" 

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